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Final Fantasy Clash -- OOC
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honey badger don't give a shit. [userpic]

I'm, uh... dropping Rylie. D: She's not fun to play in this anymore, with the original Sephiroth gone and all. But I still have Squall, woohoo. So... time to go back in his journal and delete all his posts about her. :D ...Maybe later, though. And try to think of a reason why Squall & co. went to Midgar in the first place. Just traveling, maybe? Bored? Haha.

Garnet Till Alexandros [userpic]

As I said in my last entry, I can't think of a way to keep playing here when some things change quite freqently, i.e. when a character's RPG-history is undone once he or she gets a new player. I just can't. I'm sorry.

It was a lot of fun to play with all of you, and I'm really glad that I was able to do so. I hope my dear Dagger will find a new player soon, because she's really a great character ^_^
Have a lot of fun playing here, 'kay?

Starlit nights,
Schattenstern (ex-Garnet-mun or something...)

// USER ERROR . [userpic]

What would you like to be called OOC: Mhizz (or mia)

Your age: Twenty-One (21)

Contact info (OOC journal, AIM, Yahoo, etc):
:unsuburban</b> .

AIM: m3nt4l br34kd0wn .

Y!: xvilechildx .

Tapestries: dorian_dou .

Requested Character: Fujin Kazeno

Character's age {you can change it by a few years from what the game said it was}: 19

Where does your character live {or where can he/she be found at this time}: Balamb (where ever the DC happens to be)

Character's occupation {since the ending of their respected game}: Nurse..

Character's sexual preference {optional, but does give other players a heads up}: ..never said...

Character's personality {besides/on top of what we already know}:
she's actually quite polite and sensitive, if you get to know her...if she let's you get to know her.  the only people that know her this well are, of course, her sempai Seifer and her 'brother' Raijin. Apart from her hard exterior, her one goal is life is to be of use to the people around her (thus, the occupantion pursed).  That goal is actually the reason why right eye is missing...

Extras you'd like to add:
hmmmm...well, i've played Fu before in a community that reset itself a while back (if you'd like me to, i'll unlock some of those old post
in exclaimation for sample writing) .  I've actually been wanting to put some good use to the Fujin-based journal i already had.  I love playing her anywho.  i am Fu!Sefier, but that's optional.  Gotta see how the universe plays itself out.  Her outer-personality i so opposite of my own that i enjoy being someone else for a while *laughs* 

i might try out one of my orginal characters later, if i get into the swing of things. hells, i might go ahead and apply anywho. i'm seeing a lack of non-human chars, so the option hangs in the wind. if there's anything else, catch me on one of the above contacts.

later cats.

[Mhizz, the unsuburban]

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Garnet Till Alexandros [userpic]

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure whether I will continue playing Garnet or not. It's not so much an issue of time or my lack of abillity to write proper english entries (I think they where... readable ^^;), but mostly because I'm not quite comfortable with the fact that (as the mods said in their last entry, please correct me if I got something wrong) when a character gets a new player, his/her "history"/what they did until that point is no longer part of the plot.

Garnet didn't do that much, but after both Zidane's and Kuja's original players are gone, I can't say for sure whether their new players would continue their relationship-thing or not. But that's obviously something that has a great effect on Garnet, and I just don't know how to handle it. (I'm that unflexible - I just can't/don't want to forget all things that happened so far and "start new".)

If you have any suggestions, I would really appreciate that (because I really like playing Dagger, it's just that I don't know how I can play her with those uncertainties).

Brittney [userpic]

Just a heads up guys. Due to some serious problems lately, I may be gone or...less active for awhile. I'll still be around no worries...its just...im extremely hmm whats the word? Distraught? Right now and I need some time away from the lj world. Im sorry but I'll be back no worries.

The Final Fantasy Clash Mods [userpic]

Please log in for a short, but very significant, community update.

Thank you.

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--- [userpic]

What would you like to be called OOC: Wil, or Jace (Just "J" is fine, too. Take your pick.)
Your age: 18
Contact info (OOC journal, AIM, Yahoo, etc): This, kaizer, is my OOC journal; My AIM screen name is Versus Fate. I'll create one of each for my character if accepted.

{Please keep in mind if any of the following information needs to be changed in order to accommodate any other existing story lines in the roleplay, I'm more than open to discuss these changes with the players involved. This is merely an application to show my competence, and ability with roleplay & the character.}

Requested Character: Sephiroth
Character's age {you can change it by a few years from what the game said it was}: 19
Where does your character live {or where can he/she be found at this time}: Icicle Inn
Character's occupation {since the ending of their respected game}: Honorary Citizen; Deputized Bodyguard
Character's sexual preference {optional, but does give other players a heads up}: Due to Sephiroth's current situation, his interests lie primarily in recovering his memories. It's likely whoever helps him along the way may find themselves the apple of his eye, in a manner of speaking, but I won't make any promises -- It's difficult to do that when you're open minded.
Character's personality {besides/on top of what we already know}: By comparison to the crazed villain we had grown so accustomed to during the Planet's fight for it's life, who strutted through the fires of hell in a bloody shower of his own creation and nearly brought about what we know as the Apocalypse... Well, let's leave it at he's past his 'rebellious' phase. No longer haunted by his crippling identity issues, Sephiroth lives a peaceful life in the arctic vila of Icicle Inn with a severe case of amnesia instead. Sephiroth finds comfort in the people of Icicle Inn who have affectionately called him "Sephy", which was coined from what could be deciphered of the inscription on the nameless sword he wields.

To the village, Sephiroth is the charming, civilized, and comely savior who fends off the bestial menace which threatened them shortly after the "Meteor" incident; idolized by young, and old alike, Sephiroth gives the snowy village a shred of hope as their world seems to be rapidly nearing it's end. Behind closed doors, Sephiroth is no more a man than the furniture which accompanies him. Existing as merely a name, rather than a person, Sephiroth has no path on which to walk on toward the future he denied himself in his lunacy prior to his mysterious revival. Those brilliant eyes, still adorned by radiant mako, shine more beautiful than ever... but the soul trapped inside yearns to know life once again.

Extras you'd like to add: I hope you like my application, as it is how I envisioned Sephiroth after FF7 if he came to be again. If his background, or personality is a problem, I am more than willing to make the necessary adjustments. I'll create his journal, and screen names upon acceptance. As far as pairings go, I'd prefer a female to a male, but this it's not about me so we'll see how that goes. I hope to hear from you, soon!

Zidane Tribal [userpic]

Sorry, everyone. I'm leaving too, and Blank and Kuja come with me. [I'd let you keep them if my muses could exist outside my mind, really.] There's really just no point in staying with a good chunk of my RP buddies gone. Reno, Zidane, Aerith, and Sephiroth are all... meh, off the face of the Planet, and that really doesn't leave Kuja and Blank anywhere. Besides, I've been busy as hell since Thanksgiving. I'm sorry. I really enjoyed my time here, but every good thing has an end.


This is to give everyone warning... as soon as I finish the storyline with Yazuu-mun and Rylie-mun, I am greatly afraid that I am quitting this RP as well, much for the same reasons as dearest Kazzii. ('Cept I already have my job, hence time limitation. ^^;) I simply have too much going on now to dedicate the time needed for my characters, thus I feel it is best if I give them up.

I apologise for any inconviences this may cause, but I am sure, as Sephiroth and Aerith are both relatively popular characters, that you all will receive new ones in no time.

I will make sure to say goodbye before I leave. <3

- Rowan

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Reno [userpic]

Hey people, what's up?

Afraid to say that I'm off, and I'm taking Reno and Zidane with me. I've really enjoyed my time in this RP - I've made some fantastic new friends due to it, and my interest in Final Fantasy has been given a nice jump-start too. However, there are some new projects I'd like to pursue, and as I'll be getting a new job soon (I'm back in the UK, y'see, without a penny to my name), I just don't think I'll be able to take the time and energy this RP requires anymore. Zidane and Reno aren't key to any major plots at the moment - if they were I wouldn't quit right now - and I hope you find some good people to take over from them. I'd give up my journals for future Clash use, but I'm just too fond of them.. Sorry! ^^;;;

Anyway, continue the good RP! <3 Thanks for all the good times!

- Kazzii

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