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Final Fantasy Clash -- OOC
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December 2011
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Sephiroth's Profile; Resubmitted.

I've made my revisions, and hopefully no finds it dissatisfactory! =)


Requested Character: Sephiroth
Character's age: 26
Where does your character live: Icicle Inn
Character's occupation: Communal Citizen; Bodyguard
Character's sexual preference: Due to Sephiroth's current situation, his interests lie primarily in recovering his memories. It's likely whoever helps him along the way may find themselves the apple of his eye, in a manner of speaking, but I won't make any promises -- It's difficult to do that when you're open minded.
Character's personality: By comparison to the crazed villain we had grown so accustomed to during the Planet's fight for its life, which strutted through the fires of hell in a bloody shower of his own creation and nearly brought about what we know as the Apocalypse... Well, let's leave it at he's past his 'rebellious' phase. No longer haunted by his crippling identity issues, Sephiroth lives a peaceful life in the arctic villa of Icicle Inn with a severe case of amnesia instead. Sephiroth finds comfort in the people of Icicle Inn who have affectionately called him "Sephy", which was coined from what could be deciphered of the inscription on a faded tattoo behind his left ear.

To the village, Sephiroth is the charming, civilized, and comely savior who fends off the bestial menace which threatened them shortly after the "Meteor" incident; idolized by young, and old alike, Sephiroth gives the snowy village a shred of hope as their world seems to be rapidly nearing its end. Behind closed doors, Sephiroth is no more a man than the furniture which accompanies him. Existing as merely a name, rather than a person, Sephiroth has no path on which to walk on toward the future he denied himself in his lunacy prior to his mysterious revival. Those brilliant eyes, still adorned by radiant mako, shine more beautiful than ever... but the soul trapped inside yearns to know life once again.

Extras you'd like to add:

{Summarzied -- BACKGROUND}
At the climax of the Planet's struggle Sephiroth, under the influence and control of Jenova, was defeated at the hands of Cloud Strife and company. In the instant that followed, Holy sprung forth and put a stop to the dangers which threatened the Planet itself. However, it was far from over as we know all too well now.

While in the Crater, Sephiroth beckoned Cloud's presence one last time. As if for one final moment, Sephiroth found a piece of lingering humanity within, and a gentlemen's duel was initiated -- It was in this instant, that Cloud did something for Sephiroth that he had not the strength himself to do: Be Freed. Slain, Sephiroth was purged of Jenova's looming influence of him forever, and he was no longer bound to her symbolic strings. It seemed in death, Sephiroth would at long last find the peace denied to him by the monster he called "Mother".

However, it was not to be. Sephiroth had not died, but instead awoke on a snowy isle near the town of Icicle Inn, bare and bewildered. With only a name, he began to live amongst the people while rapidly grasping the concept of what it was to be human. With Sephiroth's seemingly innate skill as a warrior, he found a job as body guard for the local caravan which treaded between the sole two cities on the Island, fending off the growing bestial threat. This allowed the cities to prosper in spite of the changing times, and gave some purpose to the lost soul. Indeed, Sephiroth had found some peace; tranquility in the ignorance of his past misdeeds, and infamy.

But it was simply not meant to last. Jenova-Sephiroth's influence on the world was simply too great.

As a new year rang in, Sephiroth would begin to experience inconceivable pain throughout his body. During the night, his mind would twitch in agony from the surges of latent memories and visions plaguing him. Although Sephiroth tried to conceal his ailments from the people, his cries are far louder than he is aware of, and it has been quite some time that they knew of his suffering. More and more, Sephiroth considered leaving the village as the desire to do so grew; however, unable to justify doing so, he continued to remain.

Crippled to his home, and only himself to muse on, the need to rediscover who he was had become a necessity. The strength he now wielded in the present was not enough to get him through toward the future, and only there--in his past--would he find the answer to this disease which tormented him. A decision had be made: Within a month's time, Sephiroth would leave the new life he had come to embrace, and learn about the one he had lost.

... What he may find, could very well have a hand in the Planet's fate.


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