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Final Fantasy Clash -- OOC
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Brittney [userpic]

LINGERING FAITH :: FF8 & FFX/X-2 AU Roleplay :: [Lingering Faith]

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Character Request Form - Lucrecia Crescent

CHARACTER REQUEST FORM: Lucrecia Crescent (Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus)
What would you like to be called OOC: Lil
Your age: 21
Contact info (OOC journal, AIM, Yahoo, etc): aim is 'her final smile'

Requested Character: Lucrecia Crescent
Character's age {you can change it by a few years from what the game said it was}: I'm going to estimate around 23 years old as of DoC.
Where does your character live {or where can he/she be found at this time}: Midgar
Character's occupation {since the ending of their respected game}: ShinRa Class-1A scientist
Character's sexual preference {optional, but does give other players a heads up}: Straight. Lucrecia was married to Professor Hojo despite Vincent Valentine's love for her.
Character's personality {besides/on top of what we already know}: As she was raised in a high class family with strict morals instilled in her mind, Lucrecia holds her own self in a high regard. Her love and devotion reside with the science she loves so much and discovering all she is able to about the Planet and its life cycle. The gentleness and kindness of her demeanor have given many a reason to love her, just as those who admire her work have found just cause to respect everything she has been able to accomplish.

Extras you'd like to add: Lucrecia suffered a tragic end inspired by events that are revealed in Dirge of Cerberus, and I'll be kind enough to not reveal those here as spoilers! ^-^;; I will say, though, that she's in love with Vincent Valentine.