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Final Fantasy Clash -- OOC
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December 2011
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Shara [userpic]

Just stumbled here...I'm kinda halfway confused on this whole mess....

Someone, please...explain this to a deathly curious mind!


how and where do I start,

You can start by posting an application in this community, ff_clash_ooc. The application is in the community userinfo.

do I have to play a character already in the game,

You can, and probably should. Original characters are accepted, but it's better to gain some veritability before you sign up for an original character. It is suggested your first sign-up is for a character from one of the games. The character limit is 2, though.

how often does gameplay occur (etc, etc)

Due to recent mishaps with certain members, gameplay is particularly sparse right now. But gameplay happens whenever a player initiates it, and some other player(s) are interested. Not all players can get on at the same time, of course, so gameplay with those people will go slowly.

... Sorry Cloudmun.